Hier Gehen Wir! (Here We Go!)

Guten tag everybody! Welcome to my blog! I created this blog in hopes that it may inspire someone, amaze someone, get someone thinking, or if nothing else, provide a bit of entertainment for that especially bored someone! Topics include fitness, endurance, diet, exercise, weight loss, and health in general. I plan on sharing stories, personal experiences, controversial topics, burning questions, interesting articles, and much much more! So much more I can’t even think of it right now!

But the MAIN reason I decided to open up a blog is so that I may chronicle my progress in preparing and training for my very first half marathon! That’s right! The Disneyland Half Marathon to be precise! If you’re wondering what the Disneyland Half Marathon is, well, it is exactly what you think it is! It is a half marathon – for those of you who don’t know how long a half marathon is, it is a butt-kicking 13.1 miles – that takes place at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California that is held every year, usually in the month of September. How is the Disneyland Half Marathon different from other half marathons? I’m so glad you asked! The Disneyland Half Marathon is unique in that part of the course is located inside Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure Park. That means when you run the marathon, you get to run inside Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure! As if that’s not reason enough to go, you are also greeted by Disney characters along the route and are given opportunities to take pictures with them during the run. Sounds fun, right? Of course it does! That’s why I’m doing it! Actually, this will be my first ever marathon. Considering I’ve been a couch potato most of my life, this is actually a pretty big deal for me. For more information on the Disneyland Half  Marathon, go to http://www.rundisney.com/disneyland-half-marathon/

So here’s the deal: I have almost exactly 12 months to train for this marathon. That’s a lot of time, right? Well, there’s only one problem. I’m obese. I mean, I have fat and a lot of it. I’ve got so much fat on me, every time a mosquito bites me, it instantly dies of a heart attack (ba-bum-chh!). No seriously though, I’m big. In fact, too big to be training for any marathon. So this is what I’m gonna do: I’m going to start out doing low-impact exercises first, such as walking, swimming, and biking (don’t forget dieting!), lose a little weight, and THEN start running. Sounds good? Here’s the thing. I’ve got no beef with exercise. It’s DIETING that kills me every time. I HATE dieting! Not “dieting” in the sense that you starve yourself for a short period of time, but “dieting” as in portion control, drinking water instead of coke, limiting carbs, eating more fruits and veggies, you get what I mean, right? My biggest problem is (drumroll please) SWEETS. I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know. I mean, if I could eat cakes, cookies, and ice cream all day, believe you me! I would! That’s what got me into trouble in the first place. You see, right now I’m currently living with “mother dearest” who gets a real joy out of “feeding me stupid”. The best and the worst part of it is: nothing is off-limits to me. Meaning: if I want McDonalds, she will go out and buy me McDonalds. If I’m feeling ice cream, she will go out and get me a delicious scoop of Baskin Robins. If I want to go eat at Olive Garden, up and away we go to get an Italian margarita (240 calories), an appetizer (400 calories), fettuccini Alfredo (1200 calories), and of course, the delectable black tie mousse cake (760 calories). And this is just one meal, folks! So there you go. Now you know why I’m fat. Of course, I don’t mean to blame my oh-so-wonderful jiggliness on my beloved mother, however easy it may be. I understand that what I put into my mouth is my business…..and yet……who would pass up an opportunity to eat whatever they want whenever they wanted? Certainly not me.

But alas! I see light at the end of the (fat) tunnel! In two weeks time I will be embarking on one of the biggest journeys of my life. That’s right, I’m going away to college! Now I know what you’re thinking: What about the dreaded “freshman 15”, fatgermanchick? Ah, but you see, I won’t be going in as a freshman. I will be going in as a junior (transfer student). Therefore, the “freshman 15” does not apply to me. So ha! Plus, I have knowledge and motivation on my side. I am already planning on cooking the majority of my food at school, going to the school gym, and utilizing the school’s running track. Plus, I think with my mom out of the picture (again, not blaming her) I will have more willpower and strength to stay away from no-no foods. Also, being on a budget helps! No more Olive Garden for me (yay and boo!)

So here’s the game plan: I’ve got 52 weeks. Each week I will update you on my progress via my blog. Please feel free to comment, praise me, boo at me, share your own stories, opinions, whatever you want! Go nuts! Below are some of my “starting stats” as well as pictures. Ya, I know, I don’t like looking at these pictures any more than you do! But hey! It’s not supposed to be beautiful; it’s supposed to be motivational! This is thatfatgermanchick saying thank you and gute nacht!


Starting Stats: September 1st, 2012


Height: 5’6”

Weight: 210 pounds

BMI (Body Mass Index): 33.9

Body Fat Percentage: 36.4%


Waist: 36 ½ inches

Bust: 43 inches

Ribs: 39 inches

Belly Button: 45 inches

Bicep: 12 inches

Right Thigh: 28 inches

Right Calf: 16 ½ inches


Fasting Glucose: 93 mg/dL

Cholesterol: 135 mg/dL

Triglycerides: 442 mg/dL

HDL: 26 mg/dL

LDL Calculated: 36 mg/dL

Cholesterol/High Density Lipoprotein: 5.2 mg/dL


Goal Weight: 150 pounds

Pounds to Lose: 60



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