Hier ist das Problem, vermissen! (Here’s the problem, Ma’am!)

Guten Tag Everybody!

As many of you know I have been battling an ongoing…..battle, with my ankle. Well, the good news is that I may know what’s actually wrong with it. Here’s what happened: three months ago I moved to college. Before I moved to college, I didn’t get out much. I was lazy. Me and exercise were not good friends. I was sedentary to the extreme. When I got to college, everything changed. I walked around and rode my bike basically all day every day. My body did not like this one bit, which resulted in a hurt ankle. Well, it’s been three months and my left ankle has STILL been giving me trouble! I mean, talk about stubborn! Mind you, I have tried EVERYTHING. I’ve tried icing it, I’ve tried compressing it, and I’ve tried anti-inflammatories. Now, I also have tried staying off of it, but in all honestly, I haven’t been able to do that fully. You see, the only way to get to my classes is by walking or riding my bike to them. Sucks, doesn’t it?? Actually maybe that’s a good thing…okay, so after three months of no healing, I decided to go to the student health center on campus. Why didn’t I do that sooner you ask? Because I’m stupid and hoped that the dog gone ankle would just heal by itself. No such luck. SO, I went in to see a doctor, he did a physical examination of my foot, did bloodwork (because of the constant inflammation), and x-rays. Everything came back normal. What? I thought for sure something would pop up on the x-rays! How frustrating.

He DID tell me my foot was a little on the flat side and that it might be causing my ankle pain. He told me about this place in San Luis Obispo called GH Sports. They sell things like wetsuits and sports apparel, but they specialize in running shoes. Let me tell you, these guys are THE BEST! They are very knowledgeable and experienced and know what they are talking about. These aren’t clueless teenagers selling you street walking shoes. These guys are real professionals. They have some pretty high tech-looking equipment that analyzes your foot posture and your running gait. First, the guy had me stand and do a foot print for each of my feet onto this special paper that was like a carbon copy. He told me although my arch was for the most part normal, it was slightly low (meaning, I have slightly flat feet). He then had me walk on a treadmill barefoot while a special camera recorded my feet. After the test, we went over the tape. He slowed it down and showed me how (both) my ankles pop out slightly inwards when I put full pressure down on my foot. It’s called over pronation. And apparently, it’s pretty common. He told me that could definitely be the cause of my ankle pain. He recommended I get a running shoe specially designed to support ankles that over pronate. After trying on about 10 different pairs of shoes, I found a pair I was really happy with. I bought a women’s Saucony Omni 11th edition. Here’s what they look like:


I can’t wait to start wearing them! I’m going on a cruise for a couple of days, so I’ll start wearing them as soon as I get back. Oh by the way, you know the best place to try out new shoes?? Disneyland of course! My dad bought me a Disneyland pass for my birthday, and I am absolutely ecstatic! That means I can go the day before/after the race and show off my shiny new medal! For anyone who’s interested in GH Sports here is their website:


Anyways, so that’s what I’ve been dealing with. Foot problems. Fun, huh? Well, hopefully these new shoes will make a difference. I need to hurry up and start training for the Disneyland half!

Last time I blogged, it was pre-Thanksgiving…..well,…I think I did OKAY as far as not pigging out or going overboard. I have to say, I made a pact with myself when I first moved to college that I wasn’t going to touch any dessert until Thanksgiving Day, and I made to Thanksgiving Day……EVE. Haha! Hey, that’s almost 3 months without eating any dessert. That’s pretty dang good for someone who used to have dessert after EVERY meal! So in that sense, I’m pretty proud of myself. I just wish I had taken it a little easier on Thanksgiving day. But hey, the way I see it, it was well deserved! Now I’m going back to my mom’s house for a month and I’m going to try doing no dessert again until Christmas Day. Think I can do it?? Only time will tell….this is thatfatgermanchick saying thank you and gute nacht!

Over pronation? You tell me.

008    009    005

These are my “street shoes”. I’ve only been wearing them for about 2 weeks. Maybe they will help with my ankle??


And here’s the new ones!!

002       001

003        007