Erfolg! (Success!)

Guten Tag Everybody!

Well, I haven’t been good about blogging, but I HAVE been good with my running plan. Tuesday was my first official training day. I went to my school’s outdoor track in the morning and did a 30:30 ratio (30 seconds running, 30 seconds walking) for 30 minutes. The 30:30 ratio worked really well for me. It was challenging, but not too hard. I think the 30:30 is a good “starting out” ratio for me. It was 48 degrees Fahrenheit that morning, which makes me all the more proud of myself for getting out there and running! For those who don’t know, I absolutely HATE the cold! And yes, I consider 48 degrees cold. I am a true Californian! Friday’s run wasn’t as good as Tuesday. It was raining on Friday and I decided to run inside my school’s “rec center”. They have an indoor track where one lap is an eighth of a mile. Yeah, not really fond of that. I basically felt like I was going in circles. Small circles. By the end of the run, I realized that RunKeeper, the iphone app that records my runs, didn’t record the run properly. It said I ran 0.28 miles when I know I ran close to 3 miles. I think it’s because the app uses both wi-fi and GPS when you run and being inside must have interfered with that. Oh well. Now I know. From now on, if I run indoors, I will likely have to use my head and remember how many laps I’ve done. But that’s what these mid-week training sessions are for, right? To see what works and what doesn’t. Tomorrow is my long run, which will only be 3 miles. Yes, I know, that sounds kind of ridiculous. Remember, I am BRAND NEW to the wonderful world of running and I’m starting out small. Baby steps. Besides, my long runs are only going to get longer from this point on and this will be the first (and last) time I do 3 miles as a “long one”.

During this school quarter, I signed up for a beginning horseback riding course. I really enjoy horseback riding; I used to take lessons when I was younger. The class is 3 hours long and is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. What is cool about the class is that if you want to ride more than 2 days a week, you can also go to the optional Monday and Wednesday class. I had originally planned on doing this, however my body had other ideas. Last week I tried riding all four days. I only made it to three days. By the end of the third day, everything was screaming: my hips, my legs, my back, etc. I mean, I could barely walk. It was actually pretty pathetic. I knew there would be no way I could start running while riding four days a week, so I’ve decided to only go to the Tuesday and Thursday class. Riding two days a week still makes me sore, but the soreness is manageable and I’m still able to run. Hopefully without getting injured. I’m kind of bummed that I’m not able to ride four days a week, but I really want to focus on running and preserve my muscles for that. I think eventually when my legs get stronger and I’ve built up some muscle I can both run and horseback ride four days a week. But right now I think I should just err on the side of caution.

My left foot/ankle is STILL giving me issues. But to be fair, it is nothing compared to how it used to be. A few months ago I could barely walk because of the pain. Now it not so much hurts, but just becomes sore. And it doesn’t get sore during my runs. It always seems to get sore at random times, like when I’m sitting in class or something like that. I ice it after every run just as a precaution. I recently rewarded myself for reaching my goal weight for this month by getting a professional massage at Massage Envy. I love this place! They have a bunch of them in Orange County, but they didn’t have any stores in the San Luis Obispo area. They just recently opened up a store in Arroyo Grande, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The masseuse did such a great job; I told her about an “old injury” on my left ankle/foot and asked if she could spend some extra time on that area. I enjoyed the massage so much, I decided to buy three more of them! But, I made a deal with myself that I can only get a massage if I’ve reached my goal weight for that month. If I don’t reach my goal weight, I’m going to wait another month to get the massage. That’s fair, right?? Here is a link to Massage Envy’s website in case anyone is interested:

Last time I blogged, I had stated that I had found my “dream shoes”: the Saucony OMNI 11’s. Well, turns out those weren’t my dream shoes after all. I eventually decided I didn’t like the fit of them and exchanged them for some Brook’s Adrenaline GTS 13’s. I really like the fit of these shoes, and ever since I started wearing them, my left ankle/foot has been doing ALOT better. Not 100%, but a lot better. Instead of just wearing them when I run, I’m actually wearing them every day. I know they will wear out a lot faster this way, but until I lose more weight and re-evaluate my over-pronation, this is what is working for me, so I plan to use them for both running and as an everyday shoe. My mom had actually bought the Brooks for me as a gift, and then I got a second pair of them (the same exact shoe) by exchanging my Saucony’s. The guy at the running store said I should switch to the new shoes about three months before the Disneyland marathon. So that’s what I’m going to do!

It’s been about two months since I last blogged (shame on me), but since that time, I’ve made a lot of small accomplishments. For one thing, I am no longer wearing a bra extender! This is such a big deal for me. I’ve been wearing bra extenders for years. People have asked me “Why don’t you just get a bigger size bra?” Well, the reason for that would be because I’m a little on the small side and for some reason, companies that make bras seem to think that if you have small breasts, you must have a small waist. Conversely, if you have large breasts, you must have a larger waist. Ya. Right. My problem is that I’ve always been small chested, but I have always had girth, rib cage, or whatever you want to call it. So I’ve always had to get smaller size bras, and then put two or three bra extenders on them. It totally sucked! So now I’m proud to say I’m wearing bras in a “normal” way, without any bra extenders. I have also gone down a pant size (yay!) I’m down to a size 14 now. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I was a size 14. It’s been that long. Just like my size 18 pants, I gave my size 16 pants a ceremonial send-off (I threw them in the garbage). To celebrate, I’ve purchased three pairs of running short (my first time buying and wearing running shorts EVER!) and some running tops as well. I’ve noticed too that the more weight I lose, the more confident and less self-conscious I’m getting. I’m starting to (finally) like who I see in the mirror. But let’s not get all sentimental, I still have work to do! My goal weight for February 1st was 180 pounds, and I was 177 pounds, which means I’ve lost the 30 pounds I wanted to lose before I started running. Now that I’ve done that, it’s time to start running! Onward!! This is thatfatgermanchick saying thank you and gute nacht!