Erfolg! (Success!)

Guten Tag Everybody!

Well, I haven’t been good about blogging, but I HAVE been good with my running plan. Tuesday was my first official training day. I went to my school’s outdoor track in the morning and did a 30:30 ratio (30 seconds running, 30 seconds walking) for 30 minutes. The 30:30 ratio worked really well for me. It was challenging, but not too hard. I think the 30:30 is a good “starting out” ratio for me. It was 48 degrees Fahrenheit that morning, which makes me all the more proud of myself for getting out there and running! For those who don’t know, I absolutely HATE the cold! And yes, I consider 48 degrees cold. I am a true Californian! Friday’s run wasn’t as good as Tuesday. It was raining on Friday and I decided to run inside my school’s “rec center”. They have an indoor track where one lap is an eighth of a mile. Yeah, not really fond of that. I basically felt like I was going in circles. Small circles. By the end of the run, I realized that RunKeeper, the iphone app that records my runs, didn’t record the run properly. It said I ran 0.28 miles when I know I ran close to 3 miles. I think it’s because the app uses both wi-fi and GPS when you run and being inside must have interfered with that. Oh well. Now I know. From now on, if I run indoors, I will likely have to use my head and remember how many laps I’ve done. But that’s what these mid-week training sessions are for, right? To see what works and what doesn’t. Tomorrow is my long run, which will only be 3 miles. Yes, I know, that sounds kind of ridiculous. Remember, I am BRAND NEW to the wonderful world of running and I’m starting out small. Baby steps. Besides, my long runs are only going to get longer from this point on and this will be the first (and last) time I do 3 miles as a “long one”.

During this school quarter, I signed up for a beginning horseback riding course. I really enjoy horseback riding; I used to take lessons when I was younger. The class is 3 hours long and is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. What is cool about the class is that if you want to ride more than 2 days a week, you can also go to the optional Monday and Wednesday class. I had originally planned on doing this, however my body had other ideas. Last week I tried riding all four days. I only made it to three days. By the end of the third day, everything was screaming: my hips, my legs, my back, etc. I mean, I could barely walk. It was actually pretty pathetic. I knew there would be no way I could start running while riding four days a week, so I’ve decided to only go to the Tuesday and Thursday class. Riding two days a week still makes me sore, but the soreness is manageable and I’m still able to run. Hopefully without getting injured. I’m kind of bummed that I’m not able to ride four days a week, but I really want to focus on running and preserve my muscles for that. I think eventually when my legs get stronger and I’ve built up some muscle I can both run and horseback ride four days a week. But right now I think I should just err on the side of caution.

My left foot/ankle is STILL giving me issues. But to be fair, it is nothing compared to how it used to be. A few months ago I could barely walk because of the pain. Now it not so much hurts, but just becomes sore. And it doesn’t get sore during my runs. It always seems to get sore at random times, like when I’m sitting in class or something like that. I ice it after every run just as a precaution. I recently rewarded myself for reaching my goal weight for this month by getting a professional massage at Massage Envy. I love this place! They have a bunch of them in Orange County, but they didn’t have any stores in the San Luis Obispo area. They just recently opened up a store in Arroyo Grande, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The masseuse did such a great job; I told her about an “old injury” on my left ankle/foot and asked if she could spend some extra time on that area. I enjoyed the massage so much, I decided to buy three more of them! But, I made a deal with myself that I can only get a massage if I’ve reached my goal weight for that month. If I don’t reach my goal weight, I’m going to wait another month to get the massage. That’s fair, right?? Here is a link to Massage Envy’s website in case anyone is interested:

Last time I blogged, I had stated that I had found my “dream shoes”: the Saucony OMNI 11’s. Well, turns out those weren’t my dream shoes after all. I eventually decided I didn’t like the fit of them and exchanged them for some Brook’s Adrenaline GTS 13’s. I really like the fit of these shoes, and ever since I started wearing them, my left ankle/foot has been doing ALOT better. Not 100%, but a lot better. Instead of just wearing them when I run, I’m actually wearing them every day. I know they will wear out a lot faster this way, but until I lose more weight and re-evaluate my over-pronation, this is what is working for me, so I plan to use them for both running and as an everyday shoe. My mom had actually bought the Brooks for me as a gift, and then I got a second pair of them (the same exact shoe) by exchanging my Saucony’s. The guy at the running store said I should switch to the new shoes about three months before the Disneyland marathon. So that’s what I’m going to do!

It’s been about two months since I last blogged (shame on me), but since that time, I’ve made a lot of small accomplishments. For one thing, I am no longer wearing a bra extender! This is such a big deal for me. I’ve been wearing bra extenders for years. People have asked me “Why don’t you just get a bigger size bra?” Well, the reason for that would be because I’m a little on the small side and for some reason, companies that make bras seem to think that if you have small breasts, you must have a small waist. Conversely, if you have large breasts, you must have a larger waist. Ya. Right. My problem is that I’ve always been small chested, but I have always had girth, rib cage, or whatever you want to call it. So I’ve always had to get smaller size bras, and then put two or three bra extenders on them. It totally sucked! So now I’m proud to say I’m wearing bras in a “normal” way, without any bra extenders. I have also gone down a pant size (yay!) I’m down to a size 14 now. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I was a size 14. It’s been that long. Just like my size 18 pants, I gave my size 16 pants a ceremonial send-off (I threw them in the garbage). To celebrate, I’ve purchased three pairs of running short (my first time buying and wearing running shorts EVER!) and some running tops as well. I’ve noticed too that the more weight I lose, the more confident and less self-conscious I’m getting. I’m starting to (finally) like who I see in the mirror. But let’s not get all sentimental, I still have work to do! My goal weight for February 1st was 180 pounds, and I was 177 pounds, which means I’ve lost the 30 pounds I wanted to lose before I started running. Now that I’ve done that, it’s time to start running! Onward!! This is thatfatgermanchick saying thank you and gute nacht!


Hier ist das Problem, vermissen! (Here’s the problem, Ma’am!)

Guten Tag Everybody!

As many of you know I have been battling an ongoing…..battle, with my ankle. Well, the good news is that I may know what’s actually wrong with it. Here’s what happened: three months ago I moved to college. Before I moved to college, I didn’t get out much. I was lazy. Me and exercise were not good friends. I was sedentary to the extreme. When I got to college, everything changed. I walked around and rode my bike basically all day every day. My body did not like this one bit, which resulted in a hurt ankle. Well, it’s been three months and my left ankle has STILL been giving me trouble! I mean, talk about stubborn! Mind you, I have tried EVERYTHING. I’ve tried icing it, I’ve tried compressing it, and I’ve tried anti-inflammatories. Now, I also have tried staying off of it, but in all honestly, I haven’t been able to do that fully. You see, the only way to get to my classes is by walking or riding my bike to them. Sucks, doesn’t it?? Actually maybe that’s a good thing…okay, so after three months of no healing, I decided to go to the student health center on campus. Why didn’t I do that sooner you ask? Because I’m stupid and hoped that the dog gone ankle would just heal by itself. No such luck. SO, I went in to see a doctor, he did a physical examination of my foot, did bloodwork (because of the constant inflammation), and x-rays. Everything came back normal. What? I thought for sure something would pop up on the x-rays! How frustrating.

He DID tell me my foot was a little on the flat side and that it might be causing my ankle pain. He told me about this place in San Luis Obispo called GH Sports. They sell things like wetsuits and sports apparel, but they specialize in running shoes. Let me tell you, these guys are THE BEST! They are very knowledgeable and experienced and know what they are talking about. These aren’t clueless teenagers selling you street walking shoes. These guys are real professionals. They have some pretty high tech-looking equipment that analyzes your foot posture and your running gait. First, the guy had me stand and do a foot print for each of my feet onto this special paper that was like a carbon copy. He told me although my arch was for the most part normal, it was slightly low (meaning, I have slightly flat feet). He then had me walk on a treadmill barefoot while a special camera recorded my feet. After the test, we went over the tape. He slowed it down and showed me how (both) my ankles pop out slightly inwards when I put full pressure down on my foot. It’s called over pronation. And apparently, it’s pretty common. He told me that could definitely be the cause of my ankle pain. He recommended I get a running shoe specially designed to support ankles that over pronate. After trying on about 10 different pairs of shoes, I found a pair I was really happy with. I bought a women’s Saucony Omni 11th edition. Here’s what they look like:


I can’t wait to start wearing them! I’m going on a cruise for a couple of days, so I’ll start wearing them as soon as I get back. Oh by the way, you know the best place to try out new shoes?? Disneyland of course! My dad bought me a Disneyland pass for my birthday, and I am absolutely ecstatic! That means I can go the day before/after the race and show off my shiny new medal! For anyone who’s interested in GH Sports here is their website:

Anyways, so that’s what I’ve been dealing with. Foot problems. Fun, huh? Well, hopefully these new shoes will make a difference. I need to hurry up and start training for the Disneyland half!

Last time I blogged, it was pre-Thanksgiving…..well,…I think I did OKAY as far as not pigging out or going overboard. I have to say, I made a pact with myself when I first moved to college that I wasn’t going to touch any dessert until Thanksgiving Day, and I made to Thanksgiving Day……EVE. Haha! Hey, that’s almost 3 months without eating any dessert. That’s pretty dang good for someone who used to have dessert after EVERY meal! So in that sense, I’m pretty proud of myself. I just wish I had taken it a little easier on Thanksgiving day. But hey, the way I see it, it was well deserved! Now I’m going back to my mom’s house for a month and I’m going to try doing no dessert again until Christmas Day. Think I can do it?? Only time will tell….this is thatfatgermanchick saying thank you and gute nacht!

Over pronation? You tell me.

008    009    005

These are my “street shoes”. I’ve only been wearing them for about 2 weeks. Maybe they will help with my ankle??


And here’s the new ones!!

002       001

003        007

Week 8: Die Show Muss Weitergehen (The Show Must Go On)

Guten Tag Everybody!

Another week has gone by already? Really? Time flies when you’re, um, going to college….so another week has gone by which means another set of aches and pains has popped up! (dun dun dun) This stupid ankle of mine doesn’t seem to want to heal! Well, to be fair, I haven’t really ALLOWED it to heal. When I first moved to college, I went from sitting on my butt all day to walking around all day. And, to say the least, my ankle (well, my everything) was NOT amused! It decided to throw a fit, swell up, all that fun stuff. Then for a while it was fine. Now it has come back with a VENGANCE. And you all know what that means, right?? Pills. Lots and lots of pills. All joking aside, Aleve really is my best friend right now. I decided to postpone my walking routine and went for a pleasant swim today instead. Not going to help me run in a marathon, but it’s better than nothing.

Majoring in Animal Science often means you have to work with animals. And today I helped out my fellow classmates by feeding the horses…..all  75 of them. Let me just say, you haven’t lived until you’ve done dangerous, exhausting, back-breaking ranch work. One of the pluses being you get a killer cardio workout. Throwing 100-pound bales of hay into the back of a tractor, climbing onto the back of the tractor, and throwing the hay in the horse’s stalls while trying NOT to fall off the back of the tractor…..well, let’s just say I can hardly move right now. All in the name of fitness, right?? Where’s that bottle of Aleve? Seriously, if anyone is trying to lose weight and get in shape, just go to (or go back to) college. It’s enough to turn any rollie pollie into a lean mean fitness machine.

At least the weather’s been descent. What a difference from 2 weeks ago. Here’s hoping those 100-degree days are done and over with. Pretty soon I’ll be complaining that it’s too cold. Never satisfied. That’s human nature for you! Next week is weigh-in and measure week! Kind of nervous. I feel I’ve been doing good, but I don’t feel like I’ve lost much weight. Oh well. It is what it is, right? All I can do is keep exercising, eat healthy, and hope for the best! Oh, and not eat my mom’s home baked cookies this weekend when I go to visit her! Ah temptation.

I’ve been checking out the Runner’s World website, and I came across this interesting article/topic about marathon training with your dog and whether or not dogs should be on a leash when you are running with them. I personally think if your dog is well behaved, and you’re on a trail that isn’t very busy and isn’t by a road, I think it should be okay to let your dog off leash. I know a lot of people disagree with this, and I can respect that. The problem is, a lot of people THINK their dog is good off leash..until a squirrel show up. I want to get people’s opinions on this. Do you run with your dog and do you let him/her off leash? Do you think it should be okay to do that? Why or why not? And for people who don’t have a dog: do you think other people should be allowed to have their dogs off leash when they are running?  Here is the article for anyone who is interested.,7120,s6-238-527–13609-0,00.html

Well, that’s all I got for this week. Guess I’m gonna have a change of plans due to this busted ankle. By the way, any tips on how to heal a busted ankle would be GREATLY appreciated. This is thatfatgermanchick saying thank you and gute nacht!

Week 7: Es Ist Zu Heiss! (It’s Too Hot!)

Guten Tag Everybody!

Good news! I’m down to one bra extender instead of two! I know it might seem weird to be happy about something like that, but it really is a big accomplishment for me. I’ve also noticed my favorite tank top, which used to be tight on me, is now getting looser and I have officially dropped a pant size! (all together now: “oooooooh, ahhhhhhh”) I went from size 18 to size 16 pants. Yay! I can’t wait to see what I weigh on the 1st. Even though I feel I’ve been doing pretty good, I’m still nervous about getting on that scale (isn’t everybody?).

Oh ya…the whole “I’m going to start doing yoga three times a week” thing has quickly and swiftly gone down the toilet. I went to a yoga class at the rec center last week, and let me tell you: it downright sucked (excuse the French). Keep in mind that I used to do yoga years ago and I loved it. I hadn’t realized that this wasn’t just an ordinary yoga class, but a hatha yoga class. Apparently, that makes a difference as far as how strange the yogi (instructor) is. I mean, this guy was just bizarre! First of all, his pants were WAY too tight! I mean, let’s just say it left nothing to the imagination! And when this guy was leading the class through some breathing exercises, he was looking and acting like a crazed lunatic! He was sticking his tongue out, making weird noises, and doing stuff with his abdomen that I couldn’t even attempt to do. This class was too strange even for me. It wasn’t just the weirdness of the yogi, but everyone there seemed to have been going to that class for a long time. They looked like they knew what they were doing. And here I am on the floor twisted like a pretzel while everyone else is doing the “correct” pose. It was so embarrassing! I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I haven’t done yoga in so many years. Even though I’m losing weight, I’m still VERY much out of shape and have almost no strength to speak of. So I decided that once I’m a little bit more in shape (and I’ve done a little bit of weight lifting) I’ll give yoga another try. But not hatha yoga! Nope. Not for me!

Well, it has been hotter than hades out here on the central California coast. In the last week, it’s hasn’t been cooler than 85 degrees during the day and a couple of days it got past 90. What’s that you say? Go inside where there’s air conditioning? I laugh at you and find your suggestion humorous. I must say, San Luis Obispo is a beautiful place to live, has some great people, nice areas, etc. But if the city ever had a defect, it would be that these guys don’t believe in air conditioning! No joke! Very few places in the city actually have air conditioning, and if they do have it, they keep it to a cool 80 degrees. I mean, what is up with that?? I know, I know. They’re trying to conserve money and energy, but COME ON! I heard somebody say “Most places in San Luis Obispo don’t have air conditioning because it just doesn’t get that hot here in the summer.” Um, wanna bet?! Just two weeks ago it reached 103 degrees here! Is that not considered hot anymore? So needless to say, I’ve been on the sluggish side due to the heat and haven’t been exercising quite as much as I had wanted to. BUT they (as in the weather people) say the worst of it is over and that it is going to start getting cooler. Hooray! Hopefully they are telling the truth! And as soon as it cools down, I will have no excuse to not get in a good workout every day!

Although I really am enjoying my time out here, going to college, living in a new area, experiencing something new, etc, etc. I can’t help but feel homesick, as in, EXTREMELY homesick. I mean, who knew it was so freakin’ hard to leave home? Nobody ever talks about it! In movies you see kids go off to college, or see people move away from home and start a new adventure, and they always seem fine and dandy. You never see these characters bawling their eyes out screaming “I wanna go home!” (guilty). Can you guess what it is I miss the most? My family? yeah….Friends? I guess….To be honest, it’s actually Disneyland I miss the most (ya, I know, I’m strange, but let’s not beat a dead horse, shall we?). I know it sounds weird, but throughout my entire life I have never lived farther than 10 miles from Disneyland. I practically grew up there! Every night the Disneyland fireworks start at 9:30pm sharp. For almost 25 years, I could hear the “booms” of the fireworks going off and automatically knew it was 9:30 at night. I’ve gotta say, it’s weird not hearing those “booms” every night. It’s eerily quiet here at night! Not being close to Disneyland (and not being able to go whenever I feel like it) has left me with a severe case of homesickness. Fortunately there is a website that has a LIVE 24 hour Disneyland webcam that I look at (probably a little too often than I should) that makes me feel less homesick and more like I’m home again! And yes, you CAN watch the fireworks on the live cam every night! Here is the link if you are interested.

Also, the fact that I will be at next year’s half marathon and that I will soon start training for that makes me feel better as well. It makes me feel like I have something to look forward too. That’s not to say I won’t be going back to Disneyland MUCH sooner than that! 😉

This week I’ve been focusing on just getting back into the groove of things. Meaning, I’ve started walking on the treadmill for an hour every day. Not much, but it’s a start. I’ll continue doing that through next week as well, and maybe add a little core exercise in there as well. So that’s the plan! This is thatfatgermanchick saying thank you and gute nacht!

Week 6: Hochschule Leben (College Life)

Guten Tag Everybody!

Wow. All I can say is just: wow. You may be wondering why there’s a gigantic 4-week gap between my posts. Well, let me tell you….LIFE happened! And boy did it happen HARD! I have since moved away to college whereas my life has turned a full and complete 180 degrees. So if you’ll excuse the lack of posts, I’ve been busy trying to screw my head back onto my shoulders, with relative success.

But what a 4 weeks it’s been! I am happy to report that I had lost 12 pounds in the month of September! Quite a victory for someone who has been….well, um, “chubby” most of her adult life. So chubby in fact, that I’ve needed not one, but TWO bra extenders.

Embarrassing, right?? Having to wear 2 bra extenders is enough to suck any woman’s self-esteem right out the window. Of course, that’s part of why I wanted to start this blog. So that women who are struggling with their weight can read it and know that they’re not alone, and that they may be inspired to start losing weight themselves and know that it is most definitely possible. Oh, and since September 1st I have gone down 2 notches. One more notch and I will be able to rid myself of the white bra extender!

 So how did I do it you ask? Well, let me tell ya! When I was living back at home with my mom, I basically ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted (as I explained in my very first post). I was good about exercise, but only took about an hour out of my day to do it. The rest of the time was more or less spent in front of a computer screen. Here at college, I walk and ride my bike everywhere, all day long. I swear I feel like I’m in Europe! And let me tell you this place has some gnarly hills! I felt like I was going to die the first week!

For anyone who’s curious, the starving student diet really does work! As far as food goes, well, I just haven’t been eating very much of it at all. I know, I know, not the healthiest thing I can do but when you’re rushing from class to class, you’re lucky if you get part of a sandwich in ya. To be fair, the food that I AM eating is significantly (I mean like, 100%) better than what I ate at home. Breakfast usually consists of eggs and/or a “healthy” cereal, or if I’m late for class, a Kashi bar to go. For lunch I will usually have a tuna sandwich, and then dinner will be something like boneless, skinless chicken with a side of whole wheat pasta. My between-classes snack is usually a small handful of mixed nuts or apple slices with peanut butter. Not bad, huh? It’s better than eating at Olive Garden!

It’s taken me a little bit longer than I expected to “acclimate” to college. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and every other sense of the word. But I’m starting to feel like I’m getting the hang of things around here! This week I’ve started doing plank exercises to strengthen my core. I also plan on going to yoga 3 times a week, not so much for the flexibility or strength, but just to keep me SANE and to keep my mind a little more relaxed and focused. Then, next week, I’m going to start walking on the treadmill for an hour a day. And where do I plan to do my walking and yoga-ing? So glad you asked! Just a few months ago, my school opened up a brand new multi-million dollar recreation center that is free to students! You guys gotta check this place out! I mean, they got everything here! Check this out!


“Explore the 165,000 square feet of recreational space that includes three separate exercise areas filled with state of the art weight and cardio equipment, three fitness studios for group exercise classes, an indoor track, a lounge area and more. Over 200 students are staffed to operate the facility and support the variety of fitness and recreation programs that strive to promote lifelong healthy habits.”  Here is the link if you want to check out the rec center:

With a great resource like this, I have ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE not to get in shape and start training for the Disneyland half! This is thatfatgermanchick saying thank you and gute nacht!

Week 2: Bewegung Rechts Entlang (Moving Right Along)

Guten Tag everybody! Phew! Made it through my first week! Already I have had some successes, some setbacks, some gains and some losses. I have been eating *slightly* better, however one day I did crack under the pressure and had….ice cream! (DUN-DUN-DUN). Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra to be exact. I prayed to the food gods to forgive me and thankfully I was back on track the next day.

One thing I just simply can’t seem to get used to is taking supplements in the form of HORSE pills. I mean, these things are HUGE! I take a One-a-Day Women’s multivitamin supplement every day at lunch time and I swear it takes everything I got to swallow the little sucker! Just as bad are those dang “fishy pills” (aka Omega-3 supplements). I swear I think I could swallow an entire sardine and it would probably go down easier. Because of my high triglycerides, I’m taking 4 of those suckers a day, two at breakfast and two at dinner. But hey, it’s a small price to pay to stay healthy, right?

One area I’ve really been rockin’ in is exercise. I exercised a total of five days last week which, for me, ain’t too bad! I would have done six days, but my knee was starting to “talk to me” so I decided to err on the side of caution and take an extra day off. Mr. Galloway would be so proud of me! Most days I walked on the treadmill at the gym for 60 minutes at three miles per hour (I prefer to exercise outdoors, but it seems that Mother Nature likes it hot. Like, in the high 90’s hot!). I also swam just to mix things up a bit. I originally wanted to start walking at 3.5 miles per hour, but it seems my knee is having issues with just 3 miles per hour. I think it’s time to change my plans up a bit. Perhaps more swimming and less walking for a few weeks? Hey, anything to make my joints, happy. That’s just the kind of girl I am!

I’m super excited for tomorrow! Why you ask? I’m so glad you asked! I’m going on a 90-minute hike with my dog Nakai at my favorite place in the world: Irvine Regional Park in Orange, California. Not only do I like this park because of its excellent and challenging hiking trails, its beautiful scenery, and its oh so cute miniature railroad, I like the park because it holds special meaning to me. I started hiking there a good ten years ago with my (other) dog Kona. No matter how bad things seemed to be, I could always go to Irvine Park and everything else would just seem to melt away. For a good ten years this place was my safe haven and my second home. My dog probably loved it more than I did. When she passed away, I scattered her ashes along Puma Ridge Trail, one of the more challenging trails we hiked almost every time we went. Tomorrow will be the last time I hike that trail for a while since I will be leaving for college on Wednesday. Irvine Regional Park really is a great park. I highly recommend you check it out! Below is a picture of some of the hiking trails at Irvine Park and a picture of Puma Ridge Trail, the trail I frequently hike. If you’re interested in visitng Irvine Regional Park, here is a link to their website for more information:

Image  Image

Wednesday is officially move-in day for me! I’m so excited to be going away to college, meeting new people, and getting in shape! Ya, that’s right, you heard me! Getting in shape and eating right. I’m making those two things a priority! After we move all my junk into my dorm, me, my mom, and my brother are heading down to the nearby Albertsons to pick up a rather large load of groceries, all of which will be shoved into my fridge for later consumption. I’ve already compiled a list of food I will be getting. Not included in the list is cake, cookies, and ice cream (among other things). I’m ready to get healthy and develop good habits in both the diet and exercise department. I was super excited to hear there is a Trader Joe’s right down the street from campus. After my initial trip to Albertsons, I will become a regular shopper at Trader Joe’s (yay!).

Well, this is it. This is the start of a long and arduous journey towards getting healthy and, yes, training for my very first marathon (excuse me, HALF marathon!). But I don’t want to get all mystical and mushy. Looks like for the next week or two I’ll be training for the marathon via water instead of on land. Darn those knees of mine! This is thatfatgermanchick saying thank you and gute nacht!




R.I.P. Kona


Hier Gehen Wir! (Here We Go!)

Guten tag everybody! Welcome to my blog! I created this blog in hopes that it may inspire someone, amaze someone, get someone thinking, or if nothing else, provide a bit of entertainment for that especially bored someone! Topics include fitness, endurance, diet, exercise, weight loss, and health in general. I plan on sharing stories, personal experiences, controversial topics, burning questions, interesting articles, and much much more! So much more I can’t even think of it right now!

But the MAIN reason I decided to open up a blog is so that I may chronicle my progress in preparing and training for my very first half marathon! That’s right! The Disneyland Half Marathon to be precise! If you’re wondering what the Disneyland Half Marathon is, well, it is exactly what you think it is! It is a half marathon – for those of you who don’t know how long a half marathon is, it is a butt-kicking 13.1 miles – that takes place at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California that is held every year, usually in the month of September. How is the Disneyland Half Marathon different from other half marathons? I’m so glad you asked! The Disneyland Half Marathon is unique in that part of the course is located inside Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure Park. That means when you run the marathon, you get to run inside Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure! As if that’s not reason enough to go, you are also greeted by Disney characters along the route and are given opportunities to take pictures with them during the run. Sounds fun, right? Of course it does! That’s why I’m doing it! Actually, this will be my first ever marathon. Considering I’ve been a couch potato most of my life, this is actually a pretty big deal for me. For more information on the Disneyland Half  Marathon, go to

So here’s the deal: I have almost exactly 12 months to train for this marathon. That’s a lot of time, right? Well, there’s only one problem. I’m obese. I mean, I have fat and a lot of it. I’ve got so much fat on me, every time a mosquito bites me, it instantly dies of a heart attack (ba-bum-chh!). No seriously though, I’m big. In fact, too big to be training for any marathon. So this is what I’m gonna do: I’m going to start out doing low-impact exercises first, such as walking, swimming, and biking (don’t forget dieting!), lose a little weight, and THEN start running. Sounds good? Here’s the thing. I’ve got no beef with exercise. It’s DIETING that kills me every time. I HATE dieting! Not “dieting” in the sense that you starve yourself for a short period of time, but “dieting” as in portion control, drinking water instead of coke, limiting carbs, eating more fruits and veggies, you get what I mean, right? My biggest problem is (drumroll please) SWEETS. I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know. I mean, if I could eat cakes, cookies, and ice cream all day, believe you me! I would! That’s what got me into trouble in the first place. You see, right now I’m currently living with “mother dearest” who gets a real joy out of “feeding me stupid”. The best and the worst part of it is: nothing is off-limits to me. Meaning: if I want McDonalds, she will go out and buy me McDonalds. If I’m feeling ice cream, she will go out and get me a delicious scoop of Baskin Robins. If I want to go eat at Olive Garden, up and away we go to get an Italian margarita (240 calories), an appetizer (400 calories), fettuccini Alfredo (1200 calories), and of course, the delectable black tie mousse cake (760 calories). And this is just one meal, folks! So there you go. Now you know why I’m fat. Of course, I don’t mean to blame my oh-so-wonderful jiggliness on my beloved mother, however easy it may be. I understand that what I put into my mouth is my business…..and yet……who would pass up an opportunity to eat whatever they want whenever they wanted? Certainly not me.

But alas! I see light at the end of the (fat) tunnel! In two weeks time I will be embarking on one of the biggest journeys of my life. That’s right, I’m going away to college! Now I know what you’re thinking: What about the dreaded “freshman 15”, fatgermanchick? Ah, but you see, I won’t be going in as a freshman. I will be going in as a junior (transfer student). Therefore, the “freshman 15” does not apply to me. So ha! Plus, I have knowledge and motivation on my side. I am already planning on cooking the majority of my food at school, going to the school gym, and utilizing the school’s running track. Plus, I think with my mom out of the picture (again, not blaming her) I will have more willpower and strength to stay away from no-no foods. Also, being on a budget helps! No more Olive Garden for me (yay and boo!)

So here’s the game plan: I’ve got 52 weeks. Each week I will update you on my progress via my blog. Please feel free to comment, praise me, boo at me, share your own stories, opinions, whatever you want! Go nuts! Below are some of my “starting stats” as well as pictures. Ya, I know, I don’t like looking at these pictures any more than you do! But hey! It’s not supposed to be beautiful; it’s supposed to be motivational! This is thatfatgermanchick saying thank you and gute nacht!


Starting Stats: September 1st, 2012


Height: 5’6”

Weight: 210 pounds

BMI (Body Mass Index): 33.9

Body Fat Percentage: 36.4%


Waist: 36 ½ inches

Bust: 43 inches

Ribs: 39 inches

Belly Button: 45 inches

Bicep: 12 inches

Right Thigh: 28 inches

Right Calf: 16 ½ inches


Fasting Glucose: 93 mg/dL

Cholesterol: 135 mg/dL

Triglycerides: 442 mg/dL

HDL: 26 mg/dL

LDL Calculated: 36 mg/dL

Cholesterol/High Density Lipoprotein: 5.2 mg/dL


Goal Weight: 150 pounds

Pounds to Lose: 60